To make the taxi service adapted we are betting only by models that include essential characteristics for user comfort .

These vehicles are Citroen C8, Mercedes Vito, Volswagen Caravelle y Fiat Escudo.




Vehicle characteristics are similar. Capacity for 5 passengers (4 seats + 1 wheelchair) plus a driver


To the wheelchair location, the user can easily access without losing his wheelchair, a space enabled a ramp down to the back is designed for this purpose.
To ensure safety, the vehicles have a 4-point anchor to secure the wheelchair to the ground when the ramp has been collected, after the user has accessed , alongside the passenger is subject to a special belt three-point safety in order to increase the clamping of the trunk.

On the side of each vehicle access doors is installed a moving step so that the distance between the vehicle floor and road can be made shorter.

As taxis are also standard equipment, all have installed the required equipment necessary for the development of service (meter and external signpost approved) and other non-compulsory that give a more quality service as a printer for making receipts for the user, radio, Company Telephone; GPRS to communicate with the Central and GPS equipment for navigation
Universal Headrest Wheelchair


All vehicles comply with safety standards and requirements are subject to regular reviews by their owners. Moreover, as public service vehicles have to pass the ITV and an annual review by the Metropolitan Taxi Institute that ensures the proper practice of the profession and where it is found that the vehicle is in administrative, maintenance and comfort of the vehicle.
For our part, we look deeply on security and can happened that a vehicle approved by Metropolitan Taxi Institute we do not accept to work in the fleet because it does not have the required characteristics for our users.

Renovation and expansion plan

The fleet is in constant renewal. In his capacity as public transport, cars are replaced every 4 or 5 years.


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